Writing Across the Curriculum:

Writing Across the Curriculum Program

What is WAC?

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) is a program that enhances learning at Ohio State by providing writing-based professional development, research, and consulting services for instructors and curricular leaders.

What does WAC do?

► Conducts research on the teaching of writing and its effectiveness in the curriculum.

► Facilitates workshops on strategies for using writing to enhance learning.

► Consults with instructors to help them build strategies for writing in their teaching.

► Supports university program initiatives through professional development, assessment, and course or curriculum design.

How can WAC help me?

We believe that in addition to being a key skill for communication that students need to develop, writing is a critical tool for learning that can enhance every aspect of teaching and learning within Ohio State’s curriculum:

► Teaching engaging classes

► Designing meaningful assignment

► Planning effective courses

► Supporting a rigorous curriculum

► Developing innovative teaching

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