WAC Outstanding Writing Instruction Award


Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Outstanding Writing Instruction Award recognizes graduate students who have used writing assignments and activities to help their students overcome learning challenges in their courses. This award invites applicants to describe writing assignment innovations that they have implemented in their course(s). Applicants are reviewed by a team of WAC graduate student assistants on the instructor’s ability to showcase how the writing assignment innovation:

  • Helps students overcome learning challenges;
  • Demonstrates significant concepts or knowledge in their fields;
  • Encourages assessment and feedback to make improvements to their teaching.

The award recipient receives a $200 monetary award furnished by the Writing Across the Curriculum Student Organization and public recognition as an outstanding instructor who uses writing to teach in innovative ways.

Past WAC Outstanding Writing Instruction Award Winners and Honorable Mentions



Winner: Jacqueline Kauza, English

Honorable Mentions: Ju-A Hwang, Teaching and Learning; Caroline Toy, Comparative Studies


Winner: Tamara Roose, Teaching and Learning

Honorable Mentions: Jessica Frampton, Communication; Aviva Neff, Theatre


Winner: Karly Grice, Teaching and Learning

Honorable Mentions: Ching-Chiang Kao, Teaching and Learning; Colleen Morrissey, English


Winner: Morgan Schunn, Communication

Honorable Mentions: Kathleen Goodyear, AAEP; Krupal Amin, English


Winner: Colleen Kennedy, English

Honorable Mentions: Jennifer Belding, Psychology; Dora Cheng, Teaching and Learning


Winner: Verónica Betancourt, AAEP

Honorable Mentions: Jennifer Belding, Psychology; Ruila Zhao, Teaching and Learning


Winner: Michael Morris, Dance


Honorable Mentions: Jim Collier, Communication; Ally Day, WGSS