Our Mission


The Writing Center

Our Mission:


Writing can be tricky. The OSU Writing Center’s consultants are trained to listen to you and to work with you to identify your writing style, a particular assignment’s or project’s expectations, and to give you specific advice or writing tools. Our consultants are also University students who deal with the frustrations of the writing process every day—and so you can expect us to be compassionate, understanding, organized and eagerly committed to figuring out how to talk about your writing in a way that works for you. 

 • All writers, regardless of skill level and regardless of external evaluation, are welcome in the writing center and at the University.

• There are multiple ways to write.

• Writing is an activity that extends beyond the classroom and into everyday personal practice.

• Our clients’ literacies and the external experiences they bring to the University are profoundly rich and ought to be included in academic forms of expression alongside personal expression.