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With thanks to Edwina Careeon.  For any studies or disciplines that do not follow the same chapter organization (i.e., Introduce, Literature Review, Method, Result, and Discussion/Conclusion), please consult your advisor before using any of the following handouts to draft your dissertation/thesis.


Getting Started

Dissertation Chapter Concept Mapping [PDF]

"Getting Started" [video] [slides] (University of Saskatchewan)


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Thesis Proposal


Writing Proposals for Theses and Dissertations [HTML]  Writing Proposals [PDF]

Writing Funding Proposals [HTML]  Funding Proposals [PDF]

"Getting Started" [video] [slides] (University of Saskatchewan)

"Key Parts of Your Proposal" [video] [slides] (University of Saskatchewan)


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Traditional Sections of an Introduction  [PDF]

Creating Contexts for an Introduction [PDF]

Typical Moves and Language Chunks  [PDF]

Strong Topic Sentences (Introduction) [PDF]

Sample Dissertation Introductions [PDF]

"The Abstract and Introduction" [video] [slides] (University of Saskatchewan)


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Literature Review


Assessment Criteria for the Literature Review [PDF]

"The Role and Purpose of a Literature Review" [video] [slides] (University of Saskatchewan)

"Organizing the Literature" [video] [slides] (University of Saskatchewan)

"Synthesizing" [video] [slides] (University of Saskatchewan)

"Critiquing the Literature" [video] [slides] (University of Saskatchewan)


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Writing the Methodology Chapter [PDF]

Strong Topic Sentences (Methods Chapter) [PDF]

"Methods, Results and Discussion" [video] [slides] (University of Saskatchewan)


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Writing the Results Chapter [PDF]

Sample Sentences (Results Chapter) [PDF]

Sample Moves for the Results Chapter  [PDF]


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Discussion and Conclusion


Conclusion Section [PDF]

Sample Sentences (Discussion Chapter) [PDF]


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Dissertation Examples


ProQuest (requires OSU login)

Research Guides (requires OSU login)


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