Consultant Resources


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Style Resources

Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)

The Norton Field Guide to Writing

Brainstorming Resources

Fifteen Minutes of Fiction  (Timed Writing Forum)

Concept Mapping

Concept Mapping   (Brainstorming and Mind-Mapping)

Cmap Cloud (free and available for download or online use)

Sentence Diagramming (with thanks to Indya Jackson)


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Professional/ Scientific


Conference Funding Resources

OSU ASC Graduate student funding resources

Grant-Writing Resources

(with thanks to Kristina Ward)

File "The Wonderful World of Grant Writing" [PowerPoint]

PDF icon Opportunity Summary 

Scientific Writing

PDF icon "The Science of Scientific Writing" 

Threshold Concepts and Transfer Training Module

 Threshold Concepts and Knowledge Transfer

The WAC Clearing House 

Open-access journals, books and resources for teachers and researchers of writing

The WAC Clearing House


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Removing Identifying Information (Drop-Off Sessions)

Removing personal information in Word (Mac) 

Removing personal information in Word (PC) 

Shift Swap Request Form

Request shift swap/Flex hours here [link]

Academic Integrity

Statement on Academic Integrity

OSU Committee on Academic Misconduct (COAM)

Client Report Forms

PDF icon CRF Hand-out 2018


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Wellness/ Emergency


Guide to Assist Disruptive or Distressed Individuals 

OSU Student Wellness Center

REACH-- Suicide Prevention

Office of University Compliance and Integrity

Title IX

Wilce Student Health Center

OSU Mind-Body Health resources page

Counseling and Consultation Service

Student Advocacy Center 

Disability Services

The Office of University Compliance and Integrity: Report a Title IX Incident

Assisting Students with Disabilities (University of Wisconsin)


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