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How the Writing Center Can Help Writers

Writing can be emotionally draining and isolating. The OSU Writing Center’s consultants are trained to listen to you and to work with you to identify your writing style, set achievable goals, and to give you specific writing advice and tools. Our consultants are also University students who deal with the frustrations of the writing process every day—and so you can expect us to be compassionate, understanding, and eagerly committed to figuring out how to talk about your writing in a way that works for you. Come visit us, with or without writing, and use our FREE services today. We’d love to meet you!

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Our consultants are prepared to meet the needs of all writers–including writers with physical, developmental, and learning disabilities. Potential accommodations include, but are not limited to: Welcoming service animals; Working with American Sign Language interpreters; Using a variety of media to communicate with you about your writing, and Reduced Distraction Rooms. Visit our Accessibility page for more information on helping us make the appropriate accommodations for you!

Accessibility Page

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The Writing Center offers walk-in sessions for veterans. Veterans' Writing Consultancy is open to any former or current serving members of the United States Armed Forces. ROTC participants and other similar program members are also welcome to use the Veterans' consulting service. 

Veterans' Walk-in hours are usually located in the Veterans' Lounge on the first floor of Smith Lab, in room 1132. See this map for further details on finding the Veterans' Lounge. Also see link below for more information on sessions for veterans,

Veterans' Writing Consultancy

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Jobs at the Writing Center

Undergrad Students

There is a required course, CSTW/ENG 3467: Issues and Methods in Tutoring Writing, which is required of all prospective undergraduate Writing Center consultants. Upon successful completion of the tutoring course, students will be invited to interview for a position. Our hiring rate is roughly 90%, though not all 3467 students apply, each term. The course runs in fall and spring semesters and is cross-listed in English and CSTW. It also satisfies a requirement for the Professional Writing Minor.  For further questions contact Dr. Genie Giaimo at Giaimo.13@osu.edu


Graduate/ Professional Students

The Writing Center typically hires graduate students for year-long contracts beginning in Autumn and ending Spring/Summer. We hire from any discipline, and are actively seeking graduate students from STEM and social science disciplines. Typically, the Writing Center places a call for graduate consultants in February via the cstw.osu.edu website. No prior Writing Center experience is necessary, though it is appreciated, to work at the OSU WC. If selected to work in the Writing Center, there is a 10 hour pre-semester training required for all new graduate consultants, in addition to the 10 hour training the first week of the semester. For further questions contact Dr. Genie Giaimo at Giaimo.13@osu.edu


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Conduct Research at the Writing Center

If you are a graduate student and want to conduct research in the Writing Center, you need to contact Dr. Genie Giaimo for permission. Prospective researchers need CITI training and to write an IRB application detailing their research study. As with any research site, it is imperative that the researcher know the community they are studying. Thus, any prospective researchers are required to conduct site work in the OSU Writing Center before undertaking their research.  


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