Online WC Sessions

The Writing Center offers two online consultation types, "online" (real-time, live chat with audio/video options) and eTutoring (asynchronous, paper drop-off). Like our in-person sessions, both forms of online consultations focus on collaboration between participants. Despite the different mode of communication, the expectations and policies of our more traditional sessions apply to online sessions equally. For "online" and "eTutoring," clients upload their word or PDF documents to WCOnline, then, depending on your selected consultation type, you either engage in real-time discussion of the paper via video conference or you wait 24 - 48 hours (from time of appointment) for feedback. Both kinds of sessions take place on WCOnline. Online sessions typically move a little slower than face-to-face tutorials, but this means that participants have more time to consider what they're going to say. Also, transcripts can be exported from WCOnline, by the client, for future reference.

To prepare for either kind of online consulting service:

  • Schedule your session online via WCOnline. Be sure to upload the document you want to discuss, along with specific requests for support. You will receive an email confirming your appointment after it is scheduled. NOTE: Follow the directions for the appointment, as we have two appointment types and it can be confusing. For online sessions, the client shows up virtually, while, for eTutoring, the client waits for a response from the consultant on the submitted document.
  • Documents must be 11 - 12 point font, double spaced, one-inch margins (unless the document's formatting requirements dictate otherwise, such as a PowerPoint presentation).
  • Please make sure to note specific targeted feedback requests, in the appointment box, when setting-up either kind of WCOnline appointment. 
  • Please upload rubrics, assignment prompts, or other useful information for writing projects so that consultants can give pertinent comments and support. 
  • Consultants can only review between 1 - 10 pages for eTutoring sessions, unless the client asks for very targeted feedback (such as regarding audience, chapter structure, etc.) Online sessions are still 45-minutes long, just like in-person sessions, but reading time and commenting time are included in online sessions, so plan accordingly when requesting feedback.