Mission Statement

Inward Facing

We insist on a broad definition of writing and literacy, one which acknowledges the multiple, equally valid forms that literacy takes. Even so, we acknowledge that traditional academic and professional discourse communities recognize literacy and writing more narrowly, and so we imagine our consultants as translators. As translators, our consultants negotiate between our clients and the discursive traditions they’re working in. More specifically, our consultants are tasked with respecting clients’ unique literacies, on one hand, even while helping clients strategically navigate complex and contradictory university literacy expectations, on the other. We acknowledge that such negotiation is a political and ethical project. We remain committed, therefore, to listening to under-represented university voices and integrating their conceptions of literacy and strategic negotiation into our consultation practices. This is an ongoing, reflexive project.   


Outward Facing

Writing can be tricky. The OSU Writing Center’s consultants are trained to listen to you and to work with you to identify your writing style, a particular assignment’s or project’s expectations, and to give you specific advice or writing tools. Our consultants are also University students who deal with the frustrations of the writing process every day—and so you can expect us to be compassionate, understanding, organized and eagerly committed to figuring out how to talk about your writing in a way that works for you. Come use our FREE services today, with or without writing. We’d love to meet you!


Strategic Priorities

We are known for:

  • Our innovative programs designed to develop students’ writing skills.
  • Our collaboration with other campus departments and programs to support student writing.
  •  Our highly trained and dedicated tutoring staff.
  • Our commitment to community engagement.
  • Our interest in learning from and contributing to research in our field.

The Ohio State University Writing Center Values

For our consultants we:

  • Value a positive workplace culture that benefits not only writing center employees but also clients and writing center collaborators.
  • Recognize that wellness, communal support, and self-care practices are critical to writing center work.
  •  Are invested in rigorous and multi-generic staff training.
  • Honor the ethical dimensions of working with other people's’ writing and ideas.
  •  Respect the literacy of our consultants and the external experiences they bring to the University and the writing center.

For clients we:

  • Recognize that university writing expectations are multidisciplinary, complex and, at times, contradictory.
  • Believe that contextualized learning is necessary to engagement with writing.
  • Provide a non-judgmental and non-evaluative space to experiment and play with language and to take risks with ideas.   
  • Value the content expertise of our clients and what we learn from their writing daily.
  • Respect the literacy of our clients and the external experiences they bring to the University.

Pedagogical Philosophy

  • All writers, regardless of skill level and regardless of external evaluation, are welcome in the writing center and at the University.
  • There are multiple ways to write.
  • Writing is an activity that extends beyond the classroom and into everyday personal practice.
  • Our clients’ literacies and the external experiences they bring to the University are profoundly rich and ought to be included in academic forms of expression alongside personal expression. 
  • Sharing writing can be a vulnerable activity that we honor.
  • Wellness is a critical, if not often overlooked, element of self-expression.