Resume Maintenance

As you gain more professional experience and also more perspective on how your qualifications fit together, you will need to revise your résumé. It's a good idea to do this regularly, rather than every few years when you're contemplating a career change or trying for a promotion. Revising your résumé if you haven't seen it in ages will feel a lot like starting from scratch, and will likely take just as long.

  • Regularly add additional jobs, accomplishments, and honors.
  • Even if you don't change jobs, chances are that you will have charged with different duties as you continue to establish yourself in that role. Be sure to include these.
  • Make sure addresses and phone numbers are still correct.
  • Maintain contact with your references, and let that list evolve as you do.
  • Ask whether the format you've chosen is still the best way to showcase your strengths. For example: is the skills résumé that got this job going to get the next one, or would a chronological organization be more appropriate?
  • Evaluate whether details of earlier activities should stay or be replaced by information about more current accomplishments.

Making Your Resume Even Better

Like any piece of writing, a résumé can always be revised or improved. Continual evaluation is essential to the task of composing an effective résumé.

  • Have friends and family members review it. Even without experience in your field, they can tell you whether it looks inviting, reads easily, and includes everything about you that it should.
  • Ask a trusted faculty advisor for input.
  • Continue to research strategies for successful résumé writing. There are a number of Web sites (like erésumé that can help you with this stage of your job search.

Utilize the Writing Center

We offer tutorials and other resources, like books and handouts (see, for example the "Job Letter and Résumé Checklist"), that can help you make your résumé fantastic. Call 614-688-5865 or go to WC Online to make an appointment!