Spotlight: Dan




1) Tell me about yourself…. What are you studying? What year are you?

English Major. 4th year undergraduate student.

2) What do you like about working at the Writing Center?

I value having the responsibility to lead one-on-one consultations across a wide range of subjects/assignments.

3) What is your favorite book?

The Lord of the Rings

4) When you're struggling with writing, what do you do?

Exercise! Go to the gym or for a run.

5) What advice do you have for students?

Don’t try to make your first draft a final draftit’s tough to write and revise at the same time.

6) What's your favorite part of speech/grammatical concept (either to talk about in sessions, or in general)?

Clauses. Understanding ​clauses is essential to building sentences of varied length and complexity. 

7) What have you had the most fun writing?

Television scripts.

8) What's your favorite assignment to work on with clients?

Personal Statements. I enjoy learning about students’ interests/goals and helping them present their best self.

9) What is one one motto that you incorporate into your life or your writing?

Brings snacks.

10) describe your perfect writing day

Sitting beside a fire on a snowy day. 


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