Spotlight: Carmen


Carmen Meza


1) Tell me about yourself…. What are you studying? What year are you?

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of English and an Assistant Coordinator at the OSU Writing Center. I study early modern drama but am also conducting research on writing center sessions and mindfulness practices.


2) What do you like about working at the Writing Center?

I enjoy my colleagues SO MUCH. Every consultant is brilliant and truly enjoys the work they do. I am inspired by their efforts every day.


3) What is your favorite book?

That’s easy! Gloria Anzaldua’s Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza. I read this book in a Chicana/o literature course as an undergraduate student, and I thought I was going to hate it but it turned out to be life changing.


4) If you are struggling with writing what you do you do?

There are several things that I do (1) panic; (2) take a nap instead; (3) eat anything I want; (4) continue procrastinating; (5) surrender and cry; (6) pick myself back up and get the courage to return to writing. This doesn’t happen for all writing I do. It applies mostly to my dissertation.


5)What advice do you have for students?

I would say that if you are interested in attending graduate school in English that you genuinely and whole heartedly have to want the PhD. It is no easy task, so your heart needs to be in it if you want to finish what you start.


6) What's your favorite part of speech/grammatical concept (either to talk about in sessions, or in general)?

I don’t have a favorite part of speech or grammatical concept. I prefer emojis.


7) What have you had the most fun writing?

I enjoyed writing my job application materials. I prefer technical writing!


8) What's your favorite assignment to work on with clients?

Oooo English 1110 assignments, CV/Resumes, personal statements, and brainstorming sessions.


9) What is one one motto that you incorporate into your life or your writing?

Maya Angelou’s “Just Do Right” video:


10) Describe your perfect writing day

Summer in Ohio’s Amish Country is my favorite. There’s country food, buggy rides, beautiful landscapes, and homemade soap. After a day of walking around the town, a  couple of hours of writing and reading at a bed & breakfast is not a bad way to spend a weekend!


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