Teach engaging classes

How can I get students more actively engaged in class?
How can I figure out what students are interested in, confused, or frustrated by?
How can I better prepare students for formal research projects using class time?

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WAC can give you simple, effective writing activities you can use almost immediately.

Jeanne Osborne

"The WAC reading groups are a great opportunity to hear what other instructors are doing in their classrooms to support student writing and communication; and the WAC team is especially great in facilitating brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas. The reading group I attended provided a great opportunity to discuss how to most effectively use rubrics, drafts and peer-review of writing for the writing assignments in my second-level writing course. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to work with Chris Manion to refine the ideas from the reading group and develop an assignment that included a class-developed rubric, feedback from peers and an opportunity for revision prior to submitting the final product. I can tell you that the use of peer-feedback and multiple drafts not only improved my students’ writing and understanding of the writing process, but also made the final version of the assignment a much more enjoyable read."

Jeanne Osborne, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs, Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute