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Why aren’t the students in our programs prepared to write effectively in our upper-level classes?
How can my program help students prepare for writing after they graduate?
How can we assess writing to inform our program development?
How is writing taught across the university?

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WAC can work with your department to assess and develop a writing curriculum that meets your program's goals.

"Having expert help from WAC has been invaluable in my role as course coordinator for Psychology 2367.01. When I began coordinating this course I was confident about the psychology curriculum, but it was critical to have the support of writing experts to support our second-level writing goals. The WAC team led by Dr. Chris Manion is a phenomenal resource. They are a source of professional development for both instructors and me, so we understand the broader context and how we can be most effective in meeting our goals for writing and communication. Chris has visited my department’s teaching course as a guest expert and has also helped us to plan customized professional development workshops and events.  Further, I’m consistently impressed with the talented graduate and undergraduate students on the WAC team. Together, they have helped us think about how to build writing assignments into our course structure and scaffold these assignments, how to assess the way writing is used in a course, help on giving feedback to students, and creating rubrics. This kind of expertise has been invaluable in helping our instructors incorporate writing into the class in a meaningful way, and in helping me to better support them."

Dr. Melissa Beers, Program Director, Department of Psychology