Plan effective courses

How can I get my students invested in my course?
How can I assure that my course gives all of my students an opportunity to succeed?
How can I make sure that I’m not overwhelmed with grading and giving feedback?

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WAC can give you writing-based strategies you can use to promote deep learning in almost any course.

Jessica Phillips

"Designing an entirely new online degree program is no small task, but it offers an invaluable opportunity to promote communication and writing skills from the ground up. Working hand in hand with faculty from the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities and instructional designers, Writing Across the Curriculum helped provide recommendations for carefully developed learning experiences that strengthen communication and writing development. We worked together to create meaningful learning outcomes, templates for clear assignment instructions, and professionally relevant learning activities utilizing WAC's insight on weaving writing throughout the curriculum. Through working with WAC, the team as a whole gained a new understanding of what it means to authentically support strong communication and writing skills from the very foundation of a degree program."

Jessica Phillips, Senior Instructional Designer, Office of Distance Education and E-learning