Second-level writing: 2367

Second-level writing classes, designated by the course catalog number 2367, continue the work begun in English 1110. Here, students gain additional opportunities to practice their written and verbal communication skills through writing instruction as well as discipline-specific content instruction. They are expected to write a number of essays and to present their ideas orally. Thematically, the courses address topics that, as the Model Curriculum [doc] suggests, “deal with the pluralistic nature of institutions, society, and culture in the United States, with special attention to issues of race, gender, class, and ethnicity” (page 7).

Twenty-six departments throughout the university currently offer 2367 courses; many of these were developed with the aid of the WAC program, which assisted departments in aligning courses with the university’s curricular guidelines.

WAC provides resources specifically geared toward 2367 courses, in conjunction with general education learning objectives for writing and related skills. The WAC program works closely with faculty coordinators and facilitating workshops on writing pedagogy for GTAs teaching 2367 courses. The program has also developed a series of interdisciplinary workshops for 367 instructors on a variety of topics such as diversity in America, community-based pedagogy, uses of technology in the classroom, and tips for effective and efficient responding to student writing. In addition, over the past several years, the WAC program staff has developed a Second Level Writing Handbook for 2367 instructors in all disciplines, now available online.

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