First-level writing: English 1110

English 1110 is required of every student at Ohio State, and is a prerequisite for many upper-level courses throughout the curriculum. The course introduces students to the process of writing from the invention and brainstorming phase through revision and the completion of a final product. Moreover, the class helps students to analyze the contexts within which they will have to write in their college careers and beyond.

The First Year Writing Program in the English Department administers the course, and gives the following statement of purpose:

"Though students in English 110 develop expected writing capabilities, the course is far more than a skills course. Students emerge from the course with knowledge of rhetorical analysis and production in addition to more sophisticated perspectives on chosen course themes and experience in writing and editing for publication.”

The program is informed by the latest research in writing studies, and is guided by principles reflected in the National Council of Teachers of English’s (NCTE) Council of Writing Program Administrators’ Outcomes Statement for First Year Composition. In 2005, the program was awarded the NCTE’s “Writing Program Certificate of Excellence.”