Develop innovative teaching

I'm a subject matter expert. What can I teach about writing?
How can I incorporate writing into my teaching in a manageable, effective way?
How are other instructors across campus teaching writing?
What do students need to know about writing to help them succeed?

Faculty members discuss curriculum in small groups

WAC can provide training to help you align writing with your teaching and to develop innovative courses and assignments

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"Providing the space to share our challenges and tips from colleagues is enough to make WAC invaluable. But WAC also provides both peer and expert mentoring too. WAC consultants are always ready with teaching innovations and advice that can be applicable in any department or course. I know I'll get great ideas and research-based help when I contact WAC for an individual consultation, attend a workshop, or participate in a webinar. It's difficult to provide a short list of examples of what WAC has contributed to my teaching: increased interaction and engagement from students, improved rubric design, better scaffolding of assignments, strategies for helping international students. All of these changes in my teaching, including assignments that are currently the 'biggest hits' with students, materialized soon after I interacted with WAC."

Vicki Garrett, Graduate Teaching Associate, School of Environment and Natural Resources