Special Issue of Praxis (Fall 2017)

Praxis interview with special issue editor Dr. Genie Giaimo (January 25, 2017)

For its Fall 2017 special issue, Praxis: A Writing Center Journal solicits writing center research with practical and theoretical applications about community colleges and historically under- represented institutions, such as two-year Tribal Colleges and two-year Historically Black Colleges. Nearly half of all students enrolled in higher education in the United States are enrolled in two-year colleges. Nationally, 58% of two-year college students receive aid, while 72% apply. Demographically, two-year college students are widely diverse in age, race, ethnicity, and income-status. Community colleges are largely non-residential and, while the majority (roughly 60%) of students are enrolled full-time and in for-credit programs, approximately 40% of students are enrolled part-time and in non-credit-bearing programs (American Association of Community Colleges). Because of all these reasons, among many others, two-year colleges serve some of the most at-risk students and suffer from some of the lowest retention rates within higher education. Yet community colleges can be, and are, sites of incredible academic achievement and are, once again, becoming an important element in Federal workforce and education policy (American Graduation Initiative, The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act).What often gets dropped out of the conversation surrounding community colleges, however, is that they are also sites of innovative research, conducted by faculty and students.

Writing Centers are an important part of the community college open-access mission, yet, overwhelmingly, there is a dearth of centralized research on two-year writing centers that is produced by community college writing center administrators and faculty. While researchers and practitioners at the two-year college level have been responding to the call for further articulation of “best practices” locally with assessment and home-grown studies, there is a need for more shared resources and conversation, nationally. Thus, we invite submissions that interrogate issues related to research, assessment, and pedagogy within community college writing centers. We also welcome updated research that reflects upon the March 2006 focus issue of Teaching of English in the Two-Year College, which featured historical and current research on writing centers at the two-year college level.

For more information about the Fall 2017 special issue, view the full CFP on Praxis.