Research on Writing at Ohio State

The Writing Across the Curriculum program has conducted research to study the teaching of writing at Ohio State, particularly examining the kinds of resources, oversight and training instructors get to teach writing courses in their departments, and looking at how instructors approach writing in their general education courses.

WAC has prepared write papers based on data we collected in surveys of second-level writing instructors.


Cultures of Support for Second-Level Writing: A Survey of 2367 InstructorsBased on a  2014 survey of second-level writing (designated 2367 in over 30 departments across the university) instructors, WAC reported on the kinds of support that correlated with different kids of instructors' confidence teaching a general education writing course, and made recommendations for how the university and departments might better support instructors teaching these courses.

Strategies to Unlock Student Engagement across Disciplines: A Study of Second-Level Writing Course Documents at Ohio State. From the same 2014 survey of second-level writing instructors, which asked instructors to share course documents (syllabi and up to three assignments), WAC examined how instructors aligned their courses with general education outcomes for writing, how they discursively framed assignments for their students, and how they approached writing instruction in their courses.

  • Appendix (2017): Mapping the Work of Writing. This handout maps the tasks represented in the course documents collected in 2014 onto the revised Bloom's Taxonomy of educational objectives (Anderson et al. 2001), including examples from departments across the university.


These reports discuss the results of an early survey of second-level writing instructors on the quarter system (when the courses were designated 367), which asked participants to discuss the training they got to teach the course, and how they approached a range of tasks related to writing in their courses.