Current Research

The R code linked here is a tool for visualizing large sets of institutional demographic and Likert scale data regarding self-assessment of academic training and experiences. Currently, this code is being used to analyze and visualize data related to OSU Writing Center’s usage rates, self-reportage in University exit surveys, for an NSF IUSE-EHR implementation grant proposal.

In order to originally display the code, users will first need to download R and possibly also Rstudio. Rstudio is recommended as an additional download as it has a user-friendly interface to visualize and run the code, whereas R is just a console based interface.

R download (free):

Rstudio Desktop Personal License download (free):

After downloading R and Rstudio, users should open the code in Rstudio using File --> Open File. The first chunk of R code includes instructions for downloading software packages necessary to run the code. Next, users will need to save the folder "Rfiles" to their computer, and then change the working directory filepath to this folder as indicated in the code comments. They will need to close the code and then reopen the code from its new location on their computer. Finally, users can press the button "Knit PDF" to run the code and obtain a PDF of the code results. This PDF should pop up on screen and will also be saved to the Rfiles folder on the user's computer.

(Dr. Genie Giaimo and Mary Elizabeth Cole)